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How the BreatheOutDynamic system can propel you

on you personal and professional path

 Betsy Thomason’s intention is to share the BreatheOutDynamic system (BODs) with the world, so that all can attain their highest potential every day.

 Are you looking for non-drug and non-surgical means towards well-being? For yourself? Your family? Your clients?

 Are you ready to learn the BreatheOutDynamic system, develop your own user-friendly body, and help others do the same?

 You’re probably wondering how the BreatheOutDynamic system can help everybody reach their highest potential every day. After all, we are individuals with different needs and abilities.

 The answer is simple—the outbreath energizes and relaxes every body because the outbreath activates the parasympathetic nervous system, the part that relaxes you; the inbreath activates the sympathetic nervous system, the part that revs you up. In addition, if all you do is breathe in, little oxygen actually reaches your blood stream where oxygen’s energizing work takes place.

 As you know, breathing is essential for life. But how you breathe effects your

well-being. The outbreath focus of BODs promotes relaxation, increased energy, and management of stress and pain. This outbreath focus requires commitment to training and practice.

 Betsy’s book, JUST BREATHE OUT—Using Your Breath to Create a New, Healthier You, is available in print, e-book, and iTunes Audible formats at www.justbreatheout.com. The National Library Service at the Library of Congress makes  JUST BREATHE OUT available in braille and audio formats for readers with limited vision and those who are unable to hold a book.

Reading JUST BREATHE OUT starts you on your BODs learning path. It is essential to learn this new outbreath focus in your own muscles before you try to share it with others. This is where Betsy and the Outbreath Institute are ready to help you. Contact her via email to briefly share a short bio and your reasons for wanting to gain more knowledge and experience with BODs. Together, you and Betsy can map out a learning plan.

Betsy, founder and CEO of Outbreath Institute, has been leading seminars for thirty years.

She is committed  to sharing the BreatheOutDynamic system in community centers, workplaces and at professional conferences.

Her interactive speaking style engages and motivates attendees to focus on self-health care utilizing the active, spine-stretching outbreath.
She can be reached at 551-265-7561 or
Betsy@outbreathinstitute.com or bzthomason@gmail.com


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